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Best Gimbals for iPhone 15 Pro Max | Complete Overview

Best Gimbals for iPhone 15 Pro Max

In the fast-paced world of smartphone technology, the iPhone 15 Pro Max stands out as a powerhouse of features, especially when it comes to photography and videography. With its advanced, cheap gimbal for camera capabilities, it’s no wonder that photography enthusiasts, vloggers, and content creators are turning to this device to capture stunning moments. To take your iPhone 15 Pro Max videography to the next level, you need the best gimbals. In this article, we will explore the top 4 gimbals for iPhone 15 Pro Max and how to use a gimbal for the iPhone that is perfect for iPhone 15 Pro Max users, ensuring you get those silky-smooth, cinematic shots.

Why Use a Gimbal for iPhone 15 Pro Max?

First and foremost, what is a gimbal? A gimbal is a handheld stabilizer that helps to keep your smartphone steady while recording. With the advanced camera and video capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, using a gimbal will help you capture professional-looking footage with ease. A gimbal dramatically reduces shakiness when capturing footage, making it ideal for recording action. It also allows you to smoothly pan and tilt your phone to capture creative shots that would otherwise be challenging to achieve without a gimbal.

Top 4 Best Gimbals for iPhone 15 Pro Max

  1. DJI OM 6 Gimbal: The best iPhone 15 Pro Max gimbal overall
  2. Zhiyun Smooth 5: Affordable iPhone gimbal with pro features
  3. Insta360 flow: One of the best iPhone 15 gimbal
  4. Zhiyun Smooth X: Best budget iPhone 15 Pro Gimbal

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Gimbals for iPhone

Make sure the gimbal you select for a particular iPhone model is compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Be sure to also take into account any other features that are vital to you, as well as things like stabilization performance, battery life, and convenience of use. Keep reading to learn what the requirements are and how to choose the best option.

1. DJI OM 6 Gimbal (The best iPhone 15 Pro Max gimbal overall)

A cutting-edge gimbal called the DJI OM 6 is made for using your iPhone to take smooth, expert-quality films and photographs. Simple Guides and One-Tap Editing. This DJI gimbal is clever, with a wide range of shooting guides that are simple to learn. Use Light Cut to simply edit from anywhere. With the amazing stabilization offered by this little, portable gadget, you can get rid of shaky footage and produce gorgeous, cinematic pictures. This gimbal is a versatile tool that improves your mobile filmmaking experience, whether you’re vlogging, recording action sequences, or just documenting your daily life.

The DJI OM 6 Gimbal has advanced features like ActiveTrack 6.0 for automatic subject tracking, which makes it an excellent choice for solo vloggers or content creators. Its built-in foldable phone clamp not only makes it compact for easy portability but also serves as a phone holder. Despite its comprehensive capabilities, This versatile device is a top contender for the best gimbal for iPhone 15 Pro Max, taking mobile cinematography to another level.


Battery life6 hours 24 minutes
ModelBluetooth 5.1
ColorDark Grey
Compatible devicecell phone
Weight10.9oz / 309g
DimensionsLength: 138 mm
Diameter: 32 mm
Load capacity6 to 10.2 oz /170 to 290g
Max Control Speed120°/s
AppDJI Mimo
Gimbal Charging PortUSB-C


  • The DJI OM 6 has cutting-edge ActiveTrack 6.0 technology, which enables it to intelligently track and follow subjects in your movies while maintaining their position in the center of the frame even as they move.
  • Up to 15 Hours of Battery Life: Enjoy up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge, making it perfect for long days on set or all-day use if needed. Keep working without worrying about battery life!
  • Gesture Control: With gesture control, users may take pictures or begin recording videos on their smartphones without touching them. Convenient and hands-free operation is made possible by simple hand motions.
  • Magnetic Phone Clamp: You’ll love the convenience of the magnetic phone clamp, which helps your device stay securely attached to the gimbal even when shooting from different angles. The strong torque also helps keep your phone in place, so you don’t have to worry about it wobbling or shaking while filming.


  • Useful 8.5-inch extension rod
  • Great ergonomics
  • Fast and seamless setup
  • Capable DJI Mimo app


  • Quick launch feature exclusive to iPhone

Final Words

After analyzing the features of this cutting-edge gimbal, it certainly stands out as one of the best gimbals for iPhone 15 Pro Max currently available on the market. All in all, expedient ease of use combined with superior results make this gimbal ideal for people looking to up their vlogging or photography game. If you’re looking for a device that guarantees well-polished content without breaking the bank, then the DJI OM 6 is a great option and definitely worth checking out.

2. Zhiyun Smooth 5 (Affordable iPhone gimbal with pro features)

What is the best gimbal for iPhone 15 Pro Max with a case? The Zhiyun Smooth 5 is a gimbal that offers a variety of shooting settings for creative versatility and is built for simplicity of use, making it accessible even to beginners. It is a dependable friend for recording moments while on the go, thanks to its strong construction and lengthy battery life. The Zhiyun Smooth 5 is a great option if you want to up your smartphone videography game.

The Zhiyun Smooth 5 is one of the best cheap gimbals for iPhones because it is extremely affordable while still offering professional features such as object tracking, time-lapse, and slow-motion recording. With its compatible companion app, you can also have access to a range of creative modes, like panorama and long exposure modes. It is also compatible with larger phone models and comes with a tripod for added stability, making it a great gimbal stabilizer for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.


Battery life4.5 to 12 hours
Compatible deviceSmart phone
Weight21.7 oz / 615 grams (with handlebar and battery)
Dimensions311 x 168 x 52 mm
Load capacity6 to 10.2 oz /170 to 290g
AppZY Cami/ StaCam/ Filmic Pro
Gimbal Charging PortUSB-C


  • The Zhiyun Smooth 5 is equipped with advanced magnetic steel motors. These motors provide robust support, ensuring smooth and stable footage even in motion-intensive scenarios. This feature is particularly useful when recording action shots or capturing footage on the move.
  • Coupled with the magnetic steel motors, the Zhiyun Smooth 5 also utilizes modern algorithms that efficiently coordinate the movements of the gimbal. This combination ensures that the device quickly responds to any movements, thus enhancing the quality of the footage by minimizing any jerks or sudden shifts.
  • The Zhiyun Smooth 5 offers support for low-angle and incredibly wide-angle photography. This feature allows users to capture a broad range of shots, making it excellent for landscape or architectural photography. It also comes in handy for capturing shots from unique perspectives.
  • The gimbal also features an optimized control wheel and adjustment panel. This makes the device user-friendly, allowing for easy operation and precise control over the camera’s focus and zoom.
  • This gimbal supports 360° all-around illumination with its magnetic fill lighting. This feature ensures that your subject is always well-lit, enhancing the overall visual quality of your footage and ensuring that no detail is lost due to poor lighting.
  • The ZY CAMI app comes with a variety of features like smart follow, time-lapse, slow-motion photography, and more. These features offer users even more creative possibilities, enabling the capture of professional-grade footage with ease.


  • Solid build quality
  • Lots of buttons and controls
  • Magnetic fill light with combo package
  • Fits phones (with or without cases) up to 300 grams
  • New mini joystick control is excellent for panning


  • Heavy and does not fold down
  • Apps lack polish

Final Words

Overall, the Zhiyun Smooth 5 is an ideal gimbal stabilizer and camera accessory for your iPhone 15 Pro Max with a case – it has a range of advanced features with intuitive controls and is suitable for both professional and amateur videographers. With this gimbal in hand, you will be able to capture stunning footage no matter where you go. Now that you know why the Zhiyun Smooth 5 is great mobile phone stabilizer, why not give it a try?

3. Insta360 flow (One of the best iPhone 15 gimbal)

The Insta360 Flow is the best gimbal stabilizer for iPhone 15 Pro Max AI tracking. The company’s first attempt at a smartphone gimbal, the new Insta360 Flow, which is a definite rival to the DJI OM6, enters the picture. Although it has certain compromises and first-generation problems to iron out, it has several clever new features that are geared toward its target market of vloggers and content producers.

The FlowState mode is an AI-powered tracking feature that allows you to attach the gimbal to yourself and capture footage without needing someone else to operate it. This makes it perfect for solo travelers or content creators who are looking for a hands-free filming experience.

The Insta360 flow also has a variety of shooting modes like hyperlapse, slow-motion, and panorama, all of which can be accessed through the compatible app. It also boasts excellent stabilization capabilities and a long battery life, making it a reliable choice for capturing smooth footage on your iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Insta360 Flow is not water-resistant or waterproof. Keep it dry and away from water, please.

High-intensity activity is not recommended for Insta360 Flow.

The majority of smartphones are compatible with Insta360 Flow, although owing to varying phone capabilities, some functions may not be available on all devices.


Battery life12 hours
ModelBluetooth 5.0
Compatible deviceCell phone
Weight300 Grams
Max Control Speed120°/s
Dimensions4″D x 4.5″W x 7.5″H
Gimbal Charging PortUSB-C


  • Installation and Deployment: Start by swiftly installing the Insta360 Flow on your iPhone 15 Pro Max. With the device’s 1-step rapid deployment, you can be ready to shoot in an instant—no need to untwist or press the power button.
  • Stabilization and Subject Tracking: Take full advantage of the 3-axis gimbal stabilization to ensure your footage is smooth and shake-free. Leverage the AI-powered DEEP TRACK 3.0 for unmatched tracking accuracy and flexibility, keeping your subjects in frame and in focus.
  • Shooting Modes: Experiment with various shooting modes like hyperlapse, slow motion, and panorama, all available through the compatible app. These modes will allow you to add a creative touch to your videos.
  • Battery Management: Make the most of the all-day battery life, delivering up to 12 hours of performance. This feature ensures you can capture stunning footage all day without worrying about running out of power.
  • Editing and Learning: After you’ve captured your footage, use the Insta360 app’s advanced editing tools and effects to fine-tune your videos. Furthermore, the AI-powered Shot Genie offers scenario-specific filming tips and advice to help you improve your filming skills.


  • Great stabilization performance
  • Ultra-portable collapsing design
  • Quick to start shooting
  • Extendable selfie stick
  • Built-in tripod


  • Foldable design limits tilting range

Final Words

All things considered, the Insta360 Flow is an impressive gimbal stabilizer for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the AI-powered FlowState tracking makes it a worthwhile investment for vloggers, content producers, and solo travelers. With its multitude of shooting modes and thoughtful battery management options, the Insta360 Flow is designed to be a reliable companion and an indispensable tool. If you’re looking for a hands-free filming experience on your iPhone 15 Pro Max, then this gimbal stabilizer is worth considering.

4. Zhiyun Smooth X (Best budget iPhone 15 Pro Gimbal)

For mobile content producers, the ZHIYUN Smooth X is a versatile and small smartphone gimbal. With your smartphone, you can take gorgeous pictures and silky-smooth videos with the help of this creative handheld stabilizer. It is the best iPhone 15 Pro Max stabilizer. It is highly portable thanks to its compact weight and collapsible form, which makes it simple to tuck into a purse or pocket. Users of the Smooth X may explore their artistic potential with a variety of innovative shooting modes, including panoramic, time-lapse, and gesture control. With the ZY Cami app, you may also access intelligent functions such as face-tracking and editing. For those on a budget, this gimbal for cameras is an excellent choice that doesn’t compromise on quality.

The ZHIYUN Smooth X is also compatible with a range of smartphones, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Its 10-hour battery life and USB-C charging make it ideal for long shoots or travelling. It’s a great choice for those looking to up their smartphone photography and videography game without breaking the bank.


Battery life12 hours
Weight8.7 oz / 246 g
Dimensions65*56*145 mm
57*56*263 mm
Gimbal Type2-Axis, Pan Axis & Roll Axis
Compatible deviceCell phone
Gimbal Charging PortUSB-C


  • It is small and lightweight, making it perfect for travel and outdoor excursions.
  • Easily convert between portrait and landscape orientations to accommodate various photography techniques.
  • Offers 5.5 hours of runtime for extended usage.
  • Slow-motion, time-lapse, and panorama modes for artistic videography.
  • Also functions as a selfie stick for a variety of photography angles.
  • Keeps the subject in the frame by automatically following it.


  • Very affordable
  • Great stabilization
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Plastic build
  • ZY Cami app isn’t compatible with every phone

Final Words

If you are looking for a reliable smartphone gimbal, the ZHIYUN Smooth X might be the perfect tool for you. This versatile and lightweight gimbal is ideal for taking stunning photos with your iPhone 15 Pro Max, as well as for various creative shooting modes and intelligent functions like face tracking. Considering the price point and great features, this smartphone stabilizer makes an excellent choice for getting more out of your recording and capturing experiences.


Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply love capturing moments on your iPhone 15 Pro Max, investing in a good gimbal can take your photography and videography to the next level. In this article, we’ve explored four of the best gimbals on the market that are perfect for iPhone 15 Pro Max users.

From the advanced Insta360 Flow with its AI-powered tracking and shooting modes to the compact and budget-friendly ZHIYUN Smooth X, there’s a gimbal for every need and budget. So why settle for shaky, amateur footage when you can have smooth, professional-looking shots with the help of these gimbals? Upgrade your iPhone 15 Pro Max photography game today! So don’t wait any longer, choose the best gimbal for your needs and start capturing stunning, professional-looking moments with your iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best gimbal for iPhone Pro Max?

The DJI OM 6 Gimbal is considered the best gimbal for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the article. It offers a range of advanced features, making it an excellent choice for mobile filmmakers and content creators. Some key features of the DJI OM 6 include:
ActiveTrack 6.0: This technology allows for automatic subject tracking, making it ideal for solo vloggers or content creators who need their device to follow a subject.
Up to 15 Hours of Battery Life: This gimbal provides an impressive 15 hours of playtime on a single charge, ensuring you can shoot all day without worrying about battery life.
Gesture Control: With gesture control, you can take pictures or start recording videos on your smartphone without touching the device, providing convenient and hands-free operation.
Magnetic Phone Clamp: The magnetic phone clamp ensures that your phone stays securely attached to the gimbal, even when shooting from different angles, reducing wobbling and shaking while filming.

The DJI OM 6 Gimbal offers excellent stabilization and an array of features, making it a top choice for iPhone 15 Pro Max users.

What is the number 1 mobile gimbal?

As mentioned earlier, the DJI OM 6 Gimbal is considered the number one mobile gimbal in the article, known for its advanced features, ActiveTrack technology, and long battery life.

Do I really need a gimbal for iPhone?

The need for a gimbal for your iPhone depends on your specific use case. If you want to capture smooth and stable footage, especially in scenarios involving motion or action, a gimbal can be extremely beneficial. Gimbals help reduce shakiness and allow you to create professional-looking shots. For vloggers, content creators, or anyone who values high-quality video production, a gimbal can significantly enhance the overall output.

Is there a gimbal for both iPhone and gopro?

There are universal gimbals on the market with adjustable mounts. These gimbals can accommodate various smartphones, including iPhones, and some action cameras, such as GoPros. Look for gimbals with adjustable and versatile mounts if you want to use them with both types of devices.

Are phone gimbals worth it?

Phone gimbals can be worth the investment if you want to improve the quality of your smartphone photography and videography. They offer several advantages, including:
Stability: Gimbals stabilize your footage, reducing shakiness and ensuring smoother shots.
Professional Quality: They allow you to create professional-looking videos and photos.
Enhanced Creativity: Gimbals enable you to explore creative shots and angles.
Therefore, if you are a content creator, vlogger, or someone passionate about smartphone photography, a phone gimbal can be a valuable tool.

Can I use DJI gimbal for GoPro?

DJI does produce a gimbal designed for GoPro-like action cameras, and it’s called the DJI Osmo Action. This gimbal is specifically made for action cameras and can significantly improve the stability and smoothness of your GoPro footage.

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